What are Cyber-Toons?                            Malory small

The Cyber-Toons are designed to introduce various security concepts in a fun and easy to understand format.  The Cyber-Toons feature the Cyber Family along with a cast of characters (good and bad).  Each Cyber-Toon is around 1 to 2 minutes in length and is prefect for starting a discussion during a class.  The Cyber-Toons are divided into different topic areas where some topics have multiple Cyber-Toons.  For each of the Cyber-Toons we provide in class discussion questions that can be used to help facilitate in class conversations about the topic.  For each topic area we also provide a set of in-class activities and simple assessments.


  • Overall lesson plan (will be a link to current lesson plan with descriptions of the Cyber-Toons)
  • We are always looking for ideas for new Cyber-Toons.  If you have an idea please contact us or post it on the support page.
  • Here is a link to a folder containing all of the Cyber-Toons and in-class activities to make it easier to download them all.  (Cyber-Toons Folder)
  • You can watch the Cyber-Toons through the web site, however we have found the video player does not always work.  It is recommended that you download the Cyber-Toon(s) to your computer and play them from there.
  • There is one link to all the in-class materials folder [We are working to finish these materials]. (In-class Materials)

List of current Cyber-Toons:


Bullying Alice's Bully
(Alice gets bullied on an anonymous messaging service; detective dawn helps put the bully behind bars)
MalwareAlice's Devious Download
(Alice accidentally installs malware when she tries to install a video player)
Cyber Toon
MalwareAlice Meets Malware
(Alice finds malware on her computer; the narrator explains what that means and what options Alice has for dealing with the problem)
Cyber FamilyMeet the cyber familyCyber-Toon
ShoppingCarol Shops Online
(Carol finds deals that are too good to be true on an unfamiliar shopping website; the website turns out to be malicious)
EmailBob's Malicious Email
(An email from Bob's wireless provider may in fact be a phishing scam)
EmailBob's Toxic Attachment
(Bob receivers a fraudulent email; the attachment contains malware)
SharingDave Overshares
(Dave is passed over for an internship when an HR employee finds Dave's revealing social media account.)
ShoppingOscar pays to play
(Oscar, the youngest cyber, uses his mom's credit card to buy power ups in a gaming app. It goes poorly for him.)
SharingTravel Trouble
(Dave posts that he and his family will be out of town for a vacation; they are robbed.)
WirelessWireless Sniffing
(Carol is traveling for work; Evesdropping Eve sniffs her WiFi traffic at the airport, drains her bank account, and flies away.)